20th Anniversary
in Missions!!

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June 2011... who would have thought that our 1991 leaving for a 2-year
season of service in missions is now 20 years old!!
Definitely, one of the Ways of our Lord...
Here are some 'pics from the past' that few people have seen....  

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The Baj family
packed and ready to
head from Monroe,
MI to Cambridge,
Ontario (Canada) for
3 months of YWAM
Discipleship Training
Chris, Lori, Ruth and

[June, 1991,

The 'Kidz of da Kingdom' in our YWAM school doin' "Pharoh,
Pharohhhhh...!" Hannah at the head of the line, Ruth bopping (in
pink) and Chrs on guitar + kids
[1991, Ontario]

The Baj family in Ontario, Canada...
enjoying a Sunday moment!
Chris, Lori, Ruth and Hannah

Celebrating an American Tradition
(Thanksgiving) at the Juarez, Mexico
YWAM base... Mexican's don't
celebrate the American Thanksgiving,
but they LOVE the Turkey meal!!

[Fall,1991, Juarez, Mexico]

After the devastating rains, doing field
treatment clinics in relocation area
'Valle Verde', east Tijuana. Mom looks
[1993, Tijuana, Mexico]

Chris (the tallest) assisting surgery in
Hospital El Buen Samaritano (Good
Samaritan Hosp].
[1994, Tijuana, Mexico]

We hosted the 7-day Redeemer
Baptist young adult team from Monroe,
MI in greater Tijuana... day-off
photo-op in Rosarito
[1994, Baja Norte Mexico]

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