20th Anniversary
in Missions!!

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More memories...   
The 'back story' on these pics is Lori was behind the camera or unavailable, but
SHOULD receive the greater credit and
really deserved to be in these pictures-
keep reading why...    

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Worship time in the Granjas Kids Ministry time...
Lori 'pastored' a weekly opportunity for
friendship, worship, Bible teaching, health
education, crafts... with a nutritious snack. It got
pretty loud...

[1995. Colonia Granjas, Baja Norte Mexico]

Chris teaching 'Stay Healthy Out There"
to pre-field Wycliffe missionaries going to
live in the jungle... smakebite treatment

[ 1996, Tijuana Mexico]

Ruth taking a random Glucose
measurement in a 'Health Screening
Clinic' held in Colonia Granjas... we
always found 3-4 'new diabetics' each
clinic, then referred to the Hospital...

[1995, Baja Norte Mexico]

Ruth's Quinceaňos Celebration (15th
birthday), a huge Mexican tradition.
Chris, Hannah, Ruth and Lori

[1996, Iglesia San Pablo, Tijuana]

Chris with Araceli and newborn
Jasmine... Lori taking the picture...
AFTER Lori birth-coached Araceli thru
the hard work... Chris helped a little
(not like Lori and Araceli!)...
somehow, this is the 'surviving'

[1996, Hospital El Buen Samaritano,

Certificates of completion AND a full First
Aid kit for the teachers and mothers of the
Colonia Granjas Elementary School.
Smiles as they completed a 4-week
training course...
Lori behind the camera again!

[1997, Colonia Granjas, Tijuana]

Here's the kids of Vacation Bible
School showing off their 'God's Story
for Me' bracelets... Lori was the VBS
coordinator and running about to make
it happen (and not in the picture)

[1999, Colonia Tres de Octubre, east

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