20th Anniversary
in Missions!!

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Hannah providing some loving-care to Luis during the
Bible study in Colonia Granjas. Luis was truly a 'miracle
child' to his mother Antonia...
ask us about that story some time...

[1998, Colonia Granjas, Tijuana]

Hannah teaching Bible
passages during Vacation
Bible School, the first ever held
in Colonia Granajs... exciting!

[1998, Colonia Granjas,

Lori taking blood pressures in a treatement
clinic outside Tergoveste, Romania... using
her newly-learned Romanian greetings and
the quirky "you have a blood pressure like a
pilot!" (a local way of saying you're healthy).

[2002, Romania]

Lori working with the little ones in a
Bible-based health care lesson she
developed, "Clean Hands, Clean Heart".

[2000, Colonia Tres de Octubre, east Tijuana]

Lori doing a 'teaching table' outside
the hospital in the jungles of Chiapas,
helping families to learn Oral
Rehydration Drink skills, important
child-survival in the hot summers.

[2003, Palenque Chiapas, Mexico]

Providing a First-Aid kit to a remote
'community' Kindergarten in east
Tijuana... the teacher works full-time
but only receives part-time pay...

[2001 east Tijuana]

Lori ready to distribute a couple of
hundred hats to the poor of Canyon
Cardenas, working with Hma. Maria,
one of our precious friends in ministry.

[2006, Tijuana Mexico]

Hannah and Chris serving as Pastora
Rosi's worship band in Vacation Bible
School at Igesia Maranata

[2002, Colonia Tres de Octubre, east

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