20th Anniversary
in Missions!!

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More memories...    

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Handwashing, handwashing... a bucket of
water, some soap (or cooled ash) and scrub,
scrub, scrub...
Teaching and modeling handwashing skills with
children in the inner-city Tijuana

[2006, Colonia Fco. Villa, Tijuana]

Lori working with a group of kids learning Oral
Rehydration skills... notice they all received
warm hats from the "Great Cover-Up Project"...
two areas of ministry Lori has excelled with  
during the elementary school outreach.

[2007, San Vicente, Baja Norte Mexico]

'Conference ministry', Chris giving  
professional lectures to nurses and doctors
regarding Oral Rehydration treatment in
least-developed regions for child-survival

[2007, Fuller Seminary, Nat'l Mission Conf]

"Hola, oido!" Pediatric treatment clinic
in south-east Tijuana.

[2007, Tijuana]

Lori with all those nicely
covered heads... it's not cold
yet, but winters in Baja drop
into the 20's... these kids are
all smiles from 'The Great

[2008, San Vicente, Baja

Lori working with 'Las Pequeňas
Angeles' to prepare for an outreach ...

[2009, Iglesia Nazareno, San Vicente,
Baja Norte]

"Ya viene el tren de buena nutricion!"
(Here come the nutrition train!) Lori's
nutrition class during the elementary
school outreach... toot! toot!

[2008, San Vicente, Baja Norte]

Lori's favorite thing... sewing classes
and women learning how to make
things for cottage industry in the
village of San Vicente, 3 hours south
of Tijuana.


Thanks for sharing these memories... for those
who pray and support, these pictures are
what we've done together over two decades...
wow! To see MORE pics (esp. from the last 5
years of missions, including Zambia and
China), look around this web site...!
May the LORD be praised for all the lives

Here's to the next 20...

Chris  and  Lori

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