Feliz Dia de Los Tres Reyes Magos (Epiphany), one of the ‘more-
celebrated in Mexico’ days around the Christmas holiday… con
Rosca de Reyes (3 Kings Bread)…Let us remember to bring to our
“King” the talents with which he has sooooo blessed us.

Lori posted a number of BLOGS about the ministry times in
December down in San Vicente. Many good things related to the
school health outreaches, the women in the ‘microenterprises’, and
the teen girls group… building Kingdom relationships and

‘Winter 2011’ ministry plans are coming together. Time has been
spent dealing with international documents and looking for another
vehicle that can be our ‘safe Mexico transpo’. Please pray.

We saw a significant financial drop in 2010, and adjustments are
being made.  At the same time, we sense the Lord opening up a ‘new
opportunity’ to touch lives and see the Kingdom of God manifest.
With these lean finances, join us as we ask the Lord ‘what does this
mean, and what should we do’?

Finally, we have found ourselves training many who have been going
to Haiti for health outreach. In the face of the massive Cholera
outbreak, our ‘oral rehydration (ORS)’ training has found it’s way to
five locations in Haiti. As one YWAM leader wrote us upon return
from the earthquake region, “We taught lots of ORS in light of the
cholera epidemic… thanks for all you did to train the students…”

Together, we’re making an impact in many lives. Every prayer and
bit of support means so much…
thank you!

Your missionaries,

Chris and Lori Bajkiewicz