#46    summer-fall    2005
Extending God’s hands of mercy to
Mexico, Latin America and the Developing world
since 1991

Lori and Cecelia...
she's the volunteer we are training as the
on-site nurse at El Refugio

Greetings in the NAME above all other names! As our year turns to a time of reflection and
thanksgiving, we are giving thanks to GOD for the great things HE continues to do!
THANK YOU for visiting our on-line services here at Because you are HERE,
you have access to some things that we can't stuff into the envelopes of the 'print version'... SO
enjoy more expanded God-stories and pictures!! There’s a lot to share with you, and a lot we
would like to ask you to be praying for!

Our efforts have grown at
EL REFUGIO, the ‘home for the elderly’ in Tijuana. We’re now
working on-site a couple days a week, plus additional time making contacts and acquiring
supplies to care for these precious folk. Working at a ‘fixed location’ is a bit different, and it’s
meant some grueling days, but we sense the LORD at work here.
I’m mainly working the small on-site medical clinic as ‘nurse practitioner’ to the 90 residents
and the 20+ volunteer live-in staff and families. Dr Tamez (my ‘attending doc’) comes weekly to
oversee what’s going on, and review the tough cases. Lori works hard to keep the clinic and
supplies sorted and organized, giving homework help to the ‘staff kids’ and generally ‘jumping
in’ with the constant needs of the seniors. We are also becoming involved in the lives of the
volunteer staff as friends and mentors, seeing them touched by HIS great love and care.

Here on, there's alot more about our work at El Refugio...

Check out our 'extra' piece
Hopefully, you'll  get a small taste of our typical/never typical ministry day.

We've also posted a page with

PLEASE pray for us as we serve at El Refugio.

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a
stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in
prison and you came to visit me… I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of
mine, you did for me.'                                         JESUS CHRIST in Matthew 25: 35-36, 40

... while Lori cleans the shelf of donated meds.

Chris 'in consult' with one of the Refugio residents...

Lori’s HAT PROJECT (the great cover-up) has been in summer gear, which is NOT a vacation!
Hundreds of hats have been gathered and dozens of knitters have been added to crank ‘em out
for the up-coming winter months. Lori’s also working on acquiring other ‘keep ‘em warm’ items
to give away at outreaches...including socks... however, with recent disasters (hurricanes,
tsunamis, earthquakes...), the 'benevolence acquisition' of these items has changed. We're trying
to arrange 'bulk rate purchases', which has been difficult. PRAY for these projects that seek to
keep kids warm in the cold Baja winter!
CLICK HERE for the HAT PROJECT web page

‘staffed’ the conference, which meant days of prep work and clean-up. We facilitated Dr Tamez
from Tijuana as a workshop speaker. He and I gave a ‘hot topic’ workshop, ‘Best Practice for
Med Missions in Mexico’, resulting in some spirited participant dialouge. I gave workshops on
mission health and reducing child mortality in developing regions, plus moderated a number of
sessions. The big highlight was Lori presenting a hands-on workshop on kids’ health fairs for
outreach. From that training, her materials and children’s health fairs will be going to several
new countries, including China and Bosnia!
Next year’s conference is August 4-5, 2006 in Pasadena, CA. Once again, we’ve been asked to
be faculty. You’re invited! Check out

The huge BRIGADA MEDICA TIJUANA, sponsored by Dr Tamez and our TJ friends was held
in the center of the city in early September. Four Mex churches came together for three days of
hard work to convert a large sports field into a mobile medical/dental clinic. There were over 600
medical consults, and hundreds of those who came opened their hearts to Jesus that day. Lori
was amazing in kids’ ministry and working the pharmacy, and I was involved in the patient care
aspects. The real excitement of this outreach is the Brigada is mainly Mex nationals in planning,
set-up and execution. The entire staff of 50 in the evangelism/prayer area were from the 4
sponsoring Mexican churches!

FAMILY stuff! In late August, we had a ‘family reunion’ in Michigan to celebrate Chris’s parents
50th wedding anniversary. It was the first time in 7 years that the whole family was together!
Hannah’s all moved in with her Los Angeles flat-mates and in UCLA Fall ‘05. She keeps busy with
school, work and work and… Ruth and Marco are now in northern Cal with Ruth continuing her
PhD studies at Berkeley while Marco is beginning his legal practice...
Between all the madness, we’ve been busy doing fix-up work on our little house….

As we step into the next missional season, we continue to trust the LORD to provide for us
financially. With St. Paul in 2 Corinthians chapter 1, we have to admit that what we do is tough on
many levels. We appreciate those of you who stand with us in prayer and finances…  you’re part of
making all these good things happen!
For those of you who would like ‘a piece of the action’… c’mon along!

Living in HIS Grace and Mercy,

Chris Bajkiewicz

The majority of our financial support to work as missionaries comes from INDIVIDUALS and
PEOPLE LIKE YOU, partnering with us in this mission work… of which we are GRATEFUL !!
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