# 52 winter - spring  2008
Extending God’s hands of mercy to Mexico,Latin America and the Developing world
...since 1991!

See what
heads these
hats can keep
warm in the
cold Baja


Over the last few years, the people of the small Baja Mexico town San Vicente (SV) have become a big part of the
Bajkiewicz mission. In the late 90’s, Chris did a number of teaching trips there. Lori now finds herself in SV regularly,
spending 10-14 days nearly every month. Mission Memos (
MM) caught up with Lori for some updates and glory

MM: When you head down to SV in a few days, what’s waiting for you there that excites you?
LORI: Hugs, kisses and lots of love from the ladies who are really engaged in the sewing course! Most of these ladies
lacked any experience with a sewing machine, but are now creating tote bags, aprons, skirts, tops and more. This will
be the 4th week-long course and I’m enjoying the relationship building.
MM: Give us the short on your San Vicente activities these past few months…
LORI:  Besides teaching the sewing courses, I’ve assisted at permanent and mobile clinics. That encompasses
everything from taking vital signs, working the pharmacy and translating for health care professionals. There’s been
activities with the kids too; health instruction at the Mexican elementary school, springtime Vacation Bible School, and
the distribution of “HATS”.
MM: Talk about the people in San Vicente…
LORI: SV is a small farming town of about 3500 people with mostly indigenous people originally from others parts of
Mexico. There are numerous small communities as well as several migrate labor camps in a 50-mile radius. Some
people are transitory and live here only 6 months, but most stay year-round. A high percentage of San Vicente's
agriculture production is trucked 3 ½ hours north to the U.S.

New skills,
new opportunities,
new friends!

MM: Tell us about a stretching experience you’ve had this year.
LORI: Translating for the ventriloquist and his puppet, especially when I shy away from interpreting in front of
groups. Besides being challenging, I started laughing when the ventriloquist stated, “Okay, Randy (the puppet’s
voice I was translating) will now sing a song…” Many of you know that my voice only qualifies as “a joyful noise”.  
So, there won’t be any singing in front of an audience from this girl!
MM: When you went down in April, you found the staff missionary Dave with a serious infection requiring
immediate care. What’s up now with Dave?
LORI: After IV antibiotics, numerous meds, several hospital days and some restful weeks, Dave has recovered. I
believe it was the Lord’s timing for me to be there to assist Dave & his wife, Lynne, especially navigating the
Mexican healthcare system.
MM: Tell us about the people you miss the most when leaving San Vicente.
LORI: Alvina and Norma are both in my sewing class. Beyond being engaging students, they’re welcoming and
grateful for my extended community visits. I’ve been blessed to receive thoughtful gifts from them including, fruit, a
bracelet and even a thank you potluck lunch. There’s also Pastor Jose, his wife Martha and the 90+ people of the
congregation that I worship with while in SV. They all make me feel like family.

The Nutrition
Train has pulled
into the San
school... learning
can be fun!!

Make-and-Give Project

Over 1000 Hats given away again this winter!! Thank you, LORD!

Thanks to all who have participated in the “Hats for Mexico” project.
Special thanks to Amnity Chase who, for the 4th year in a row
created 100+ hats.

Here are a few places where your hats blessed the people of Mexico:
+Migrant camp in Santo Thomas after a Mobile Medical Outreach
+Ejido Benito Juarez after a Vacation Bible School
+Tijuana, San Pablo Church during the weekly food and clothing
+San Vicente during Clinic Outreaches
+Gabriel House home for handicapped children
+Valle de Guadalupe after a Carnival of Health

Next winter’s goal = 1500 HATS!

Keep those needles and yarn creating.  Please spread the word to
family/friends across the country.
Contact us for simple patterns, posters and info to get your church or
group involved in keeping heads warm during the winter months…

download the patterns from this website... CLICK HERE !!

Everything comes from You, O God, and we have
given only what comes from Your hand  
                                                                                           (1 Chronicles 29: 14b)


A project we’ve worked with for
years, the
San Pablo Distribution in
Tijuana closed this spring. We
thank the Lord for all the people
this work has blessed in Tijuana!

We staffed and helped supply the
winter Mobile
Medical ‘Brigada’
outreach in Tijuana, a number of
patients were seen, and some minor
surgical procedures were even
performed (like my  friend in the
picture… Chris assisted and did the
post-op care).

The 2008 West Coast Healthcare
Missions and Ministry Conference
will be held Sept. 18-20 in
Pasadena, CA.
Lori is on the Executive Committee
as the registration coordinator, and
working on various aspects of
Chris will be speaking on cross-
cultural ministry.
The conference offers CEUs and
CMEs for nurses and docs…


pray, give/support, send material, even come along!

<> The Hats for Mexico… summer means stock-up time for the
coming winter!

<> ‘Stitches’ Sewing Project, San Vicente… supplies, funds needed

<> San Vicente activities: relationship, Kingdom results

<> Encouragement for the constant ministry challenges and

<> What’s ahead: courage, wisdom, strength, health… and God’s

<> China/Yunnan 2009 Health Care Training Trip  (teaching
village doctors)

Sewing and sewing!!

your friends in ministry,

Chris and Lori

The majority of our financial support to work as missionaries comes from INDIVIDUALS and PEOPLE
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