# 53 winter  2009
Extending God’s hands of mercy to Mexico,Latin America and
the Developing world ...since 1991!

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In Mexico, Feb. 14th is so much more than
Valentine’s Day.  This special time called
“Dia de Amor y Amistad” (Day of Love &
Friendship), is expanded past the
relationships of husband & wife or
boyfriend & girlfriend to include special
friends. Know that as this day
approaches, how grateful we are for all of
YOU who, through your prayers and
financial support, have made it possible
to us to minister in another culture.

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve posted 30 wonderful pictures
with caption-stories here on our webpage for you to see what
we’ve been up to over the last season of mission. A picture
really is worth a thousand words... 30 even better... and
these pictures and captions are our newsletter.

Click the following links:  

 Hats Project pictures

 2008 Ministry pictures

 Sewing Project pictures

^^Lori spent over 12 full weeks down in San Vicente this past year. There were 6 full weeks of sewing classes,
as well as teaching health in the elementary schools and assisting the Mexican Medical mobile clinic
outreaches to area work camps.

^^In 2008, over 1300 hand-made hats were given out in the Tijuana and San Vicente areas.

^^We were involved in the 2008 West Coast Healthcare Missions and Ministry Conference at Fuller Seminary.
Lori was on the Exec committee, and Chris gave a workshop on cross-cultural ministry.

^^Chris invested time consulting for a group establishing a nursing school in Accra, Ghana, drafting a
detailed implementation plan for cross-cultural ministry.

^^The Journal of Christian Nursing will publish a article written by Chris on missionary nursing in 2009.

^^Chris and Lori had a great ‘report trip’ to Michigan in November 08. Thanks to Pastor John and Pastor Vic for
hosting our times of sharing.

^^OK, this is ‘old news’ of sorts, but… our filmmaker friend Lico did a documentary about our development
work back in 1997. Well, it’s now on YouTube. We thought we’d mention it, because it really does capture our
focus on relational ministry and community health care that continues today. It’s also when Chris still had
Film part ONE:    
Link Part 1_CLICK HERE          
Film part TWO:    
Link Part 2_CLICK HERE    

The Tijuana drug war rages on, with over 1,555 dead in 2008. Many of our Mexican friends are suffering.
Please ask the Father for a Visitation on the church of Tijuana.
Since shifting our activities to San Vicente a few years back, we only have to ‘go through’ Tijuana. However, for
security purposes, you will hear reports of what we’ve
done in San Vicente, but we will not send out emails of
our plans in advance. Guess this means you’ll have to pray and trust…

So, you ask: what’s going to happen to the Baj mission work with the $$$ crisis? Answer: we don’t know. We’ll
keep adjusting and keep going as long as we can. We do want to say that we consider every one of your hard-
earned dimes given to us for missions as precious, and we’ll be careful using those funds.

Everything comes from
You, O God, and we have
given only what comes
from Your hand  
Chronicles 29: 14b)

pray, give/support, send material, even come along!

<> The Hats for Mexico… summer means stock-up time for the
coming winter!

<> ‘Stitches’ Sewing Project, San Vicente… supplies, funds needed

<> San Vicente activities: relationship, Kingdom results

<> Encouragement for the constant challenges and hurdles

<> Visitation of GOD on the church of Tijuana in the middle of a
shooting war

<> God’s Presence and guidance in the coming days!

your friends in ministry,

Chris and Lori

The majority of our financial support to work as missionaries comes from INDIVIDUALS and PEOPLE
YOU, partnering with us in this mission work… of which we are GRATEFUL !! (Philippians 1: 3-6)  

CONTRIBUTIONS  towards our support can be sent to us at:
PO Box 120265 *  Chula Vista, CA  91912

For tax-deductible receipt, make checks out to  REDEEMER FELLOWSHIP OF MONROE, MI