BAJA MINISTRY  Pictures...

Lori + sewing
students = Father's
Day gifts of hanging
blue jeans wall
San Vicente, Baja...
May 2009

Chris teaching a 'Clean
Hands - Clean Heart'
workshop for Sunday
high interest after
H1N1 Influenza!

Ensenada, Mexico
June 2008

Lori's younger students,
beautiful blue jean
purses... wow!!

San Vicente, Mexico
May 2009

Chris helping get the space
ready for pouring a floor...
good, sweaty work!!

la Viña Ensenada
Ensenada, Mexico
June, 2009

Lori expertly handling
the 'Clean Hands, Clean
Heart' craft during the
Sunday School workshop

la Viña Ensenada
Ensenada, Mexico
June, 2009

Having invited the surrounding
neighborhood, the saints of la Viña
Ensenada cookin' up a community
breakfast 'de hotcakes..." mmmmm!

Ensenada, Mexico
June, 2009

Lori training the Iglesia del
Nazareno team for doing their own
children's Carnival of Health in the
surrounding communities...
equipping our Mexican friends to
reach out thru community health!

San Vicente, Baja Mexico
June 2009

Chris playing guitar
with the worship team
de la Viña Ensenada...
(previously unknown
songs, tough gig!)

Ensenada, Mexico
June, 2009

Hat distribution in
San Vicente, Baja
winter 2009

San Vicente women busy
learning new skills and
connecting in fellowship!
San Vicente Dec 2009

All them hats
gotta be
sorted first...
then onto those
little heads!!

San Vicente
Dec 2009

Lori's work with the 'Angels'
in San Vicente... making
Vacation Bible School
materials (left), then out to
the work camps to put them
in action (right).
August, 2009

Thanks for all the prayers and support ...
Here's to 2009!
  Chris and Lori

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"50 Days in Zambia"
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