2008 MINISTRY  Pictures...

Chris and new
Community Health
San Vicente, Baja...
Nov 2008

Lori putting together a
mobile pharmacy box for
Mexican Medical
ministries' mobile clinic
work in greater San
Vicente, Baja
April, 2008

Chris leading workshop:
preparing for
cross-cultural ministry
WestCoast Healthcare
Sept 2008

Lori explaining to
families in work camp
outside San Vicente
how to  safely use
OTC medicines.
Aug 2008

Lori demonstrating
Oral Rehydration skills at
elementary school
in San Vicente
Feb 2008

Chris during hat and
socks distribution
ministry at Iglesia
Evangelica San Pablo...
Tijuana, Baja
March 2008

Workin' the workshops:
WestCoast Healthcare
Missions and Ministry
Sept 2008

Alba received her 'thank you'
gift... a stuffed Christmas
stocking... for regularly
ministering with the children
San Vicente
Dec 2008

Thanks for all the prayers and support through 2008...
Here's to 2009!
                              Chris and Lori

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Passing on a donation of children's books
to Mexican Medical clinic in San Vicente,
Baja... helping kids read more!
                         Dec 2008

Lori doing clinic duty...
BP's, translation...
supporting Dave and Lynne  
Johnson's ministry in San Vicente,
Feb -Mar 2008