theads of God's love
Sewing Project
Photo Gallery

Amelia showing teacher
Lori the Christmas wreath
she just sewed...
i Feliz Navidad !
San Vicente
Dec 2008

Look at all the items
Patricia made during a week
of Lori's sewing class! She
made a top, a skirt, a tote
bag, scrunchies, a Bible
cover and a baby bib.
San Vicente
June 2008

These three teens sewed
their skirts, headbands
and bags during sewing
class... i en moda !
San Vicente
June 2008

Here's Wendy with the backpack
she sewed in Lori's class before
the beginning of the school year!
San Vicente
Aug 2008

The workshop...
Albina sewing a tote bag
San Vicente
Oct 2008

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